Family unit mode of operation:

  • Each group consists of 10-15 families living in the neighbourhood. Those who change address will become members of the new geographical area.
  • Each FU meets once a month and the group decides the rota (to have meetings in every unit member’s residence).
  • A registered member of STSMCC is democratically elected as the Co-ordinator and Assistant Co-ordinator of the FU by the unit members. Election takes place at the end of November /early December and is conducted by the existing co-ordinator. The Co-ordinator must be present at the Annual General Body Meeting of the church held in January and becomes part of the church committee (parish council). The Assistant Co-ordinator will coordinate the activities of the FU in the absence of co-ordinator.
  • Term of the Co-ordinator & Assistant Co-ordinator is 1 year

Priest-in-charge/ STSMCC trustees have the right to involve in activities of the family units and resolve any issues.
Group activities (suggested)

  • Prayer Meeting
  • Song & opening Prayer
  • Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary/Sacred Heart (Karuna Kontha)
  • Bible reading
  • Reflections
  • Prayer: thanksgiving, special intentions
  • Concluding song
  • Pray & wish members whose birthdays/anniversaries fall during the month.
  • Facilitate activities for children: teach songs, prayers, encourage special talents.
  • Discuss progress and plan future activities of your units.
  • Collectively brainstorm and put forward relevant agendas / positive ideas to consider in Church committee meetings for the growth of STSMCC.
  • Encouraged to record attendance and minutes (electronic or hardcopy) and report to Priest-in-charge/ STSMCC trustees. This is to make sure every unit member’s contribution to STSMCC is recognised.
  • Each unit shall organise Holy Qurbana on the Sunday that is closest to their Saint’s feast days (except on special celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Holy week, St Thomas Feast day, youth Sundays). FU members’ responsibilities include bible reading, offertory collection, book distribution, Coffee evening etc.
  • All Holy Qurbana activities should be discussed and co-ordinated with Sacristan: Mathew Thomas (Please see feast days below). The Committee is responsible for the rest of the Sunday Qurbana’s.

Group etiquette

  • Family unit members are encouraged to attend their own area gatherings only. (Outside Bristol relatives & friends may attend.)
  • No separate funds at family unit level.
  • No alcoholic beverages should be served. Only light snacks at monthly meetings.
  • Avoid clashing Family unit meetings with Church activities, if possible avoid during other related communities activities. No mixing other events such as family parties.

The intention of STSMCC concept of family units is to bring together people in neighbouring areas. Brotherhood should be the norm where people are able to have open and friendly communication. Therefore all members are expected to resolve any internal conflicts in a mature, true Christian spirit and ethical manner. Where issues are irreconcilable such members should contact the Priest-in-charge/ STSMCC trustees who will take decisions over the matters.

Ward Prayer Meeting Dates

St Mary – 1st Saturday – 3.45 pm
St Anthony – 1st Saturday – 7.00 pm
St Stephen – 2nd Saturday – 4:00 pm
St Augustine – 2nd Saturday- 7:00 pm
St Patrick  – 3rd Saturday – 4:00 pm
St Michael – 3rd Saturday – 7:00 pm
St Xavier – 4th Saturday – 4:00 pm
St Joseph – 4th Saturday  – 7:00 pm
St Sebastian  -4th Thursday – 7.30 pm
St Chavara – 3rd Thursday – 6:00 pm
St Teresa – 4th Friday – 7:00 pm
St Vincent – 2nd Friday – 7.00 pm
St Jude – 3rd Friday – 7.00 pm
Scared Heart – 3rd Friday – 10:00 am
St James (city center) 1st Saturday – 2.45 pm
Bath community- 3rd Friday – 5:00 pm
Trowbridge community- 4th Thursday – 5.30 pm