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A faith that dared to go and die with the Lord (John 11: 16)

A faith that experienced the risen Christ at the centre of life (John 20: 28)

... that is the legacy St.Thomas, the Apostle of India and our father in faith bequeathed to us. We, the St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Bristol try to live, share, and celebrate the rich patrimony of our culture and faith in the challenging circumstances of present day England. Being closely related and actively involved in the life of the local parishes, we are committed to the noble task of treasuring the unique faith and imparting it to our new generation.


Holy land Pilgrimage - 03 April - 12 April 2018

The pilgrimage will cover Jordan, Israel, Palestine & Egypt, over 9 nights and 10 days. The cost per adult is £1200.00 and child per child under 11 is £1100.00. Please refer to the church website for more details. Please contact Fr. Paul for any queries.

Key Events

18 November 2017, Saturday
Sradham with Holy Qurbana at St.Joseph's commencing at 10:30 am. Please give names to Roy Mattathil (07827 995 051)
15 - 16 December 2017, Friday & Saturday
St. Joseph's Christmas Retreat
06 January 2018, Saturday
St. Joseph's Christmas Programme at Greenway Centre

Bishop Joseph Srampickal’s visit.  An Observation and Direction

> Bishop has instructed to have Unit Prayer Meeting with the Parish Priest so the unit prayers will be rescheduled to weekdays and a rota will be prepared soon.
> Also the Bishop has requested more participation in the Church Project. He said that December 2018 would be the target time period for the acquirement of the establishment and our dream church project.
> In addition to this Bishop has stated that there should be a opportunity for all members of our community to participate in the Holy Qurbana on Sundays. This entails the possibility of having a Holy Qurbana for parents at 2pm whilst children have their catechism classes.
> The second Sunday Qurbana is being shifted from St Teresa’s Church to St Josephs Church. This will mean that there will be catechism classes, Mission League, Thirubalasakyam, SOUL, Vanitha Forum and the Youth Movement meeting on the second Sunday.
> As per the request of the Bishop there should be more active participation of Unit Leaders and promoting only active members to the committee for the effective functioning of the parish, family unit and committee.
> As a community we need ensure the Holy Qurbana starts and finishes within the scheduled time as well as other activities in the Church.

NEW Syro Malabar Holy Qurbana - 8:00 am

Starting 17th September (Sunday), there will be an early morning Syro Malabar holy Qurbana at 08:00 every Sunday. If there is an office for the dead, it will be at 7.45 am. This Holy Qurbana is to cater for parishioners who are unable to attend the afternoon one. NOTE: All Catechism students are expected to attend their Catechism classes as well as the mass which follows as usual

Catechesis Matters

Youth Catechism classes for year 11, will commence from 1st week of November 2017. Please contact Dennie Sebastian (07598 090 139)

There will be Catechesis classes every Sunday from 1st week of November. Next Catechesis term break will commence on 17th December 2017.

There will be a regular Holy Qurbana at 01:45 pm, followed by the Holy Qurbana for children at 03:00 pm. (NOTE - The 8:00 am Holy Qurbana will still be celebrated as usual)

Every Sunday
Holy Qurbana @
St Joseph's Church -
08:00 am & 03:00 pm

Mission League & Thirubalasakhyam meets at 1:30 pm

1st, 3rd & 4th Sundays - 01:30 pm

4th Sunday - 3.00 pm
Childrens Liturgy @ St. Joseph’s Church, Fishponds

8:00pm to 9:00 pm
everyday except Sunday

Night Vigil
First Friday - 8:00pm - 11:30 pm
Every Saturday - 8:00pm - 1:00 am